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Celebrate the Light

Is the celebration of Halloween in the 21st century as innocuous as people would have us believe?

Moving Forward

The time to rest is yet to come.

Global Events and Prophecy

Are we truly living in the *Last Days* 

September Site Update

Now it is September and what a summer it has been, both here and elsewhere.

The Mile Markers of Life

You Never Care
Until You Are There

A Year Later

A year ago, I made a video where I reminisced about how different the world was when I was a child. I compared the vast difference between society in America then as compared to now, and how I felt things had not only took a turn for the worse but was going to continue to degrade.

From One Extreme to the Other

From One Extreme to the OtherThis is a brief video I recorded on July 1, 2016. I am reposting it today, because of a prediction I made in this video that has come true.