Welcome to our new home... (aka Blogger)

Glad you could make it!

Are you wondering what all the fuss about?

That's okay. Let me bring you up to speed...

For the longest time, this blog\website, was created with Wordpress -- both self-hosted and hosted over on WE LOVED WORDPRESS! It was the best blogging platform around. That is, until some folks thought it needed to become a WYSIWYG platform. Now it is nothing but a toy for those who are new to website creation.

I do not care for the WYSIWYG platform. It was great when I was new and didn't know anything about building a website. I tried all kinds of WYSIWYG applications (we called them 'software programs' back then) and found them to be almost as difficult to use as one of the fancy web building programs, such as Dreamweaver and the ilk. The time it took to learn how to use the WYSIWYG program was insane and anything but simple and intuitive, as they were touted to be.

The new Wordpress platform is just as insanely complicated and useless. Useless in the sense that it takes more time to put together and articles such as this one, because you have to create a "block" for every little thing, including a new paragraph! No longer to you simply hit ENTER and start typing a new paragraph. Nooo... you have to go to the top of the editor page and click a symbol to tell the program that you want to start a new paragraph. THEN you have to tell it what kind of paragraph, etc. IT'S INSANE, NOT SIMPLE!!!

THEREFORE, after much consideration, I decided to move Focused and Free to a different [standard blogging] platform. I have already begun the process and I'm preparing to copy and paste all the articles over here. Unfortunately, this will only include the articles and not their respective comments. There are over 225 articles, so it will take a fair amount of time to get everything moved over.

Additionally, I do not know exactly how long will continue to support the blogs on its platform that are (1) under the free, ad-supported venue and (2) will no longer be adding new content once the switch to v5.0 is complete and the classic editor is no longer supported due to the core changes within v.5.0 . I imagine it will not be practical (or even possible) to support both the classic and newer versions of Wordpress for an extended length of time.

So I'm hoping to get as many posts transferred over to here as I can, prior to wordpress ceasing to support the classic format.

AS ALWAYS, your support, prayers, and encouragement are appreciated!

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