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My Higher Power

I could not recover with a Higher Power who wasn't on my side.

As originally posted by STEVE G. at the now defunct website.

I grew up in a Christian church, but I never had a relationship with the God of the Bible. I always thought that God was angry, vindictive, spiteful, distant, judgmental, and just waiting to strike me when I got out of line.

I came to realize that I could not recover with a Higher Power who wasn't on my side. I decided to write down what I wanted in a Higher Power. I came up with characteristics like loving, compassionate, wants me to succeed, forgiving, and powerful. These didn't conflict with what my head knew about God, but I had a hard time getting my heart to believe them.

I still kept failing and kept acting out, until a friend of mine suggested that I learn what God was really like. He suggested I read from the Psalms in the Bible, and write down whatever characteristics were ascribed to God. I'm just about half way through the book of Psalms, but it has changed my image of God considerably.

Listed below are just a few of the characteristics of God I've found in the book of Psalms in the Bible:

God watches over the righteous
God laughs
God gets angry
God is my Father
God protects me
God sustains me
God is righteous
God hears my call
God hates those who love doing wrong
God destroys those who love to lie
God abhors bloodthirsty and deceitful men
God is righteous
God protects those who take refuge in Him
God blesses the righteous
God's love never fails
God accepts my prayers
God searches minds and hearts
God is a righteous judge
God reigns forever
God governs with justice
God is a refuge
God never forsakes those who seek Him
God avenges
God remembers me
God does not ignore my cry
God is just
God helps the fatherless
God hears my desires
God encourages
God listens
God hates the wicked
God loves justice
God will keep me safe from the wicked
God's love never fails
God is present in the company of the righteous
God counsels me
God will not abandon me to the grave
God vindicates me
God sees what is right
God probes my heart
God examines me
God tests me
God answers my call
God's love is great
God saves
God stills the hunger of those he cherishes
God is my strength
God is my rock - a sure foundation
God is my fortress
God is my deliverer
God is my shield
God saves me
God is my stronghold
God can get angry
God scatters the enemies
God lifts me up
God rescues me from my enemies
God supports me
God delights in me
God rewards me according to my righteousness
God is faithful
God is blameless
God is pure
God is shrewd
God's way is perfect
God's word is flawless
God delivers me from the attacks of the people
God is alive
God avenges
God subdues nations
God's kindness is unfailing
God's law is perfect
God's law revives the soul
God's statutes are trustworthy
God's precepts are right
God's precepts give joy to the heart
God's commands give light to the eyes
God's ordinances are sure and altogether righteous
God's love never fails
God is wrathful
God grants my needs
God restores my soul
God is with me even in the worst times
God owns the earth and everything on it
God can be trusted
God will not let me be put to shame
God's mercy is great
God remembers
God is good
God is upright
God teaches
God guides the humble
God's ways are loving and faithful
God forgives iniquity
God confides in those who fear him
God releases me from the snare
God is my light
God is my salvation
God is the stronghold of my life
God keeps me safe in times of trouble
God hears my cry for mercy
God is my strength
God is my shield
God is the strength of His people
God is a fortress of salvation
God has a voice
God's voice is powerful
God's voice is majestic
God gives strength to His people


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