September Site Update


Now it is September and what a summer it has been, both here and elsewhere.

I spent much time tweaking and updating this website, only to have totally trash almost everything, by releasing their idea of an improved format. While a few of the enhancements were really great, the majority of them have caused more issues than they solved. But then, isn't that the way it always goes whenever coders tweak anything?!? 😉

Anyway, I believe I have figured out how to deal with and work-through their *enhancements* and have this website back to being user-friendly.

I removed the CONTACT page as no one ever reached out to contact me. 😞

I tried adding a sitemap, but it seemed redundant and not really all that helpful. The idea was to give mobile users a better way to navigate the site, but it failed. So I scrubbed it. 💥

I have started adding Audio/Video (A/V) entries, along with adding A/V commentary to select discussions already posted. I believe such an enhancement could prove useful and beneficial for some visitors. 😃

I hope you like the changes and find them to be a helpful improvement. 😎

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments that you would like to share with me, you can connect with me via email. 💫

Your brother in Christ-centered Recovery, 😇



Karl D Rhoads said…
Please excuse some of the recent changes. Since Blogger is still tweaking stuff in the background, I have to make adjustments as well. Many of the themes will work one day but not the next. Certain features do not work with certain themes, so I have to try a different theme. [insert very deep sigh here]

Please let me know if you encounter an issue with this website. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, KDR

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