Moving Forward


The time to rest is yet to come.

    I have heard it said, and I believe it is true, that we cannot rest in Christ until we take our last breath. While living on this earth, we are either moving toward God, or away from God. 

    That is not to say our load cannot be lighter, it can. (see Matthew 11:29-30) But not until our work on earth is finished. (cf. John 17:4; 19:30)

    At the end of this month (October 2020), the domain name for this website ( is up for renewal.

    Now before you jump to the conclusion that I am here "with hat in hand" looking for financial assistance, I am not. For not only is the renewal a measly $12, but God has also provided me with gainful employment. So, while I may have asked for financial help in the past, such is not the case this time around.

    No, this time I am wondering if it is time to "give up the ghost" and cease striving to reach folks via this venue. The reason I am considering such, is due to the trickle of traffic that this site garners. That and "the sound of silence" from the few who do find their way here. Is this site still serving a purpose as it has in the past? Or has it served its purpose and now the time has come for someone else to take up the torch and run with it for a season? 

    One other consideration is that with my new employment, I no longer have the time availability I once had, to create new and interesting discussions on a semi-regular basis. (I even had to take time off from work just to create this entry!)

    So, while I am not seeking financial assistance this time around, I am seeking your input, your feedback, regarding this website. Is there anyone reading this that has anything they would like to say with regards to keeping online for at least another year?


    Remember, a decision needs to be made prior to the first of November. So please speak up if you find this website helpful and useful and would like to see it stick around a little longer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond accordingly.

    ADDENDUM: Today is October 29. I initially published this article on October 9 and have yet to receive a single response. To me, that speaks volumes. The silence is truly deafening. Nonetheless, instead of taking down Focused and Free, I decided to withdraw from Twitter and permanently close both of my accounts there.

    I did this for two reasons. First, I needed to get away from all the darkness and negativity that pervades the conversations there (even among those who claim faith in God!). Secondly, I was spending more time trying to influence the conversation, instead of being of service here at Focused and Free.

    While I am still gainfully employed (at present) and it still does take up most of my time, at least I will no longer be oppressed by the darkness that is prevelant on most all social media sites. Therefore I might find more time for prayer and seeking to abide in the Spirit of the Living Truth and become inspired to share my discoveries and lessons learned with those that God may direct here.

    So for at least another year, Focused and Free will remain online, and (God willing, of course) I will continue to post what he puts on my heart to share with you.

Thank you for your prayerful support,



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