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Inescapable Consequences


Consequence: n. 'the result or effect of an action or condition'

Some consequences cannot be avoided or rectified.

Some consequences are for a lifetime.

When we make choices in life, it is rare that we ever consider how our choices will affect us or others -- presently or in the future.

My lifestyle from age 16 to 46, was entirely selfish and self-centered. I was reckless, thoughtless,  and careless. My life at that time had no redeeming value. My sole purpose and reason for getting up each day was to grab as much pleasure out of life as I possibly could. 

Do you know what that cost me?

* I didn't finish school and had to settle for a G.E.D.

* Never had more than a manual labor type of job (minimum wage)

* Opted out of joining the military (USAF)

* Getting married at age 18. Getting divorced at age 20.

* Living on and off the streets -- thinking it was a great adventure

* Burning through relationships -- personal and intimate

* Alienating myself from my son

I could add to the list ad infinitum. 

Currently I am 68 years of age and have not held down a regular job since I was 34. No money saved. Solely dependent on my wife's income. Barely get enough Social Security to cover my monthly Medicare and gap premiums. My health is shot (obesity, arthritis, etc.). No personal friends, just acquaintances. I am merely tolerated in the rooms of A.A. (so I have stopped attending).

I realize this may sound like I am feeling sorry for myself but I am not. I am merely bringing home the point of this article... that our actions not only have short-term consequences, but also many lifetime consequences as well.

If you find yourself living a carefree lifestyle, possibly thinking like I used to think... "My life sucks, so I might as well just do what feels good, because I'm already screwed." Please reconsider. All I did was ensure my life would never get any better because I had no hope or faith in myself or anyone (or anything) else.

Today I am paying dearly for such thinking. So I am raising a big red flag in an effort to let others know that if you are of the mindset that "tomorrow holds no promise, so let's live for today" -- think again! As someone who has already gone down that road, I can tell you it is the road to ruin. And in all truth, no one else holds the key to your future but you.


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