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Good Enough


How Good is 'Good Enough'?


I gots (sic) to be comfortable in my sobriety.

 Most folks who have taken part in a 12-Step recovery program, understand that it isn't a "one-and-done" deal. 

Taking the twelve steps of recovery is nothing like going from First Grade through Twelfth Grade in the public school system and then graduating. The principles of the Twelve Steps of Recovery are meant to be grasped and employed for the purpose of not only gaining "a new lease on life", but also as a means of developing and maintaining a manner of living that promotes continuous spiritual growth for the rest of our days on Earth.

Just getting to a point where we no longer desire to "pick up" another drink, drug, or whatever, is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! It is only a start. For if we fail to continually seek to ENLARGE our spiritual life by religiously i.e. extremely scrupulous or conscientious ] practicing the BASIC SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES of each of the Twelve Steps of Recovery, we risk falling back into our old lifestyle. When that happens, we are usually in worse shape than we were back when we initially sought help for our predicament.



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