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Control Issues

We like to think that we are in control of our life. But are we really? 

There is much about our life that we have little-to-no control over.

  • Who determines when and where we are born? 
  • Can we control when and how we shall die? 
  • Who determines our gender at birth?
If you think those questions are inconsequential, think again.

People born into wealth have a tremendous advantage over those born into poverty. Being born rich or poor or somewhere in-between, can have a major affect regarding one's healthcare, education, job and/or career opportunities, social status and so forth. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Various circumstances can (and do) affect the final outcome. Wealth can be lost and poverty can be overcome. But such instances are generally exceptions to the rule.

From birth, we have no knowledge as to when or how our life will end. This is good, for we would go insane if we had any extended foreknowledge of our demise. But that is also why we are so shocked when we learn of someone's sudden and untimely death. Of course, people can and do take their own life for various and sundry reasons -- usually out of a sense of deep emotional distress (depression). But again, such is the exception, not the norm. There are also those who may inadvertently and/or hastily give rise to their own precipitous death, via poor lifestyle choices.

We have absolutely no say in what gender we will be at birth. No say over the physical well being of our body. No say over the color of our eyes or hair. No say over how large or small, short or tall, athletic or physically challenged we might be. Such things are not self-determined. They are determined by our genetic code, which was determined by our Creator when He created us "in the beginning" (cf. Genesis 1). 

Does this mean we are entirely powerless over what transpires over our lifetime. In some respects, yes. But God (Our Spiritual Father) has given us the ability and authority to make personal decisions on a daily basis. That is a part of His grand design for us, HIS CREATION. He created us in His image (likeness). We have His spirit within us. It was given to us when God created Adam, the first human (cf. Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:4-7). And just as God gave Adam directions for living, He also gave us directions for living, that when followed, empowers us to live a happy and abundant (full) life. He loves us THAT MUCH! However, when we choose to disregard His guidance and strike out on our own, we risk losing all that God has for us (cf. Genesis 2:8-3:24). 

There is an old saying that declares, "Misery Loves Company" and such seems to still hold true in our lifetime, as there are all kinds of people who - like Adam and Eve - think God is 'holding out' on them (secretly keeping things from them). So they rebel against God and do what He tells us not to do. Again, God loves us so much that He gives us the freedom to disobey Him if we so choose. I was once one of those who felt that God was 'holding out' on me and not living up to His promises. Take for example the 'promises' in Psalm 121

By age sixteen, I had enough of 'broken promises'. With the goal of having a little one-on-one with God, I tried to end my life. Of course, He didn't grant me an audience. All I got out of the deal was two weeks in a self-induced medical coma with an additional two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit. Since it seemed to me that God didn't give a damn about me, I would return the favor by living the next thirty years of my life in total rebellion to Him and all He stood for. I lived those years out with complete moral abandon. What ever I wanted, I took. To hell with the consequences. Needless to say, I caused a lot of harm to myself and others. As my grandma used to say, I was "A Bull in a China Closet". I not only trashed my life, but the lives of those I encountered, as well. 

By the end of those thirty years, I felt like I did when I was sixteen. Life sucked and I didn't want to live any longer. Actually, I never thought I would live that long. I figured my wild lifestyle would've resulted in my death - by my own hand or someone else's. But like I said earlier, I wasn't in control (in more ways than one!).

With no desire to go on, but not willing to once again directly attempt to take my own life, I weighed my options. I realized that I only had two options. One was to continue in my rebellion until my body gave out from all the abuse. The other option was to reach out to God one last time. 

You see, I wanted to die, but I didn't want to die that way - as a complete failure in life. For it would have meant that my life had been a complete waste. The last little bit of pride and sanity I had left wouldn't (couldn't) accept that. So with the tiniest hope I could muster up, I got on my knees and reached out to God for what I thought would probably be the last time. With the story of the Prodigal Son in mind, I cried out to God. I really wasn't expecting Him to hear my prayer, much less answer it the way He did. He not only heard my prayer, He answered it in a way I wasn't expecting. He took me back, just like in the story. WOW!

Here I was, totally out of control, and my Heavenly Father took me in His arms and saved me from myself. He personally showed me that He truly loved me and cared about me. He helped me see that everything that had happened in the past -either by me or to me - was for my benefit. I had to be emptied of all the willfulness in my heart. I had to experience and learn -firsthand - that no matter my circumstances, I must trust in Him COMPLETELY! 

It is sad when we decide that we don't need any Higher Power telling us how we should live. We are fools when we buy into the notion that "we got this" and everything in our life will work itself out. We are doomed to total and complete self-destruction if we fail to come to our senses prior to taking our last breath. For we will die full of remorse and regret, because of our "CONTROL ISSUES".


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