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So here it goes.....

The following is from my friend Ryan...

Recovery or Simple Sobriety

“For me, addiction never dies; it sleeps. It's eyes pop wide open when it hears me opening a bag of self-will.” --Anonymous

Before You Drink

Here are nine things you can do before you take that next drink of alcohol.

12 Steps to Freedom in Christ

Karl relates how the Spirit of Christ and the Twelve Steps of A.A. led to freedom from a self-imposed crisis.

My Higher Power

I could not recover with a Higher Power who wasn't on my side.

Some Thoughts On Hope

Hope is the key ingredient to a successful campaign against personal addiction.

The Professor and The Paradox

‘The Professor and the Paradox’ is from the Personal Stories section of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, 2nd edition.

Out of Place

“If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place”  –from the song Homesick , by Mercy Me.

Nineteen and Counting

What matters more: How long one has been sober or the quality of one’s sobriety?

How to Obtain Continuous Sobriety

Just staying sober does not bring manageability to our lives.

Denial in Recovery

“I know my disease is out in the parking lot doing push-ups”